Painting Mistakes You Might Be Making


Painting your house can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to be mindful of the potential mistakes you can make along the way. Whether you’re painting your first home or you’re just looking to better your painting skills, avoid these painting mistakes as suggested by top painters in Lane Cove

Professional vs. Homeowner

If you’re painting a room in your home, it’s probably not that difficult to complete. If you have some experience with painting or have painted rooms before, then it’s likely a simple paint job you can handle. Things can go wrong if you’re an amateur. If you are like most people and have never done any type of painting before, there are many common mistakes that could occur when completing a paint job. This is why hiring professional painters Bondi Junction is recommended if you want quality results.

Choosing the Wrong Painter

When you are looking for professional painters in Bondi, make sure to ask about their work history. Look for someone who has been in business for at least five years and comes highly recommended. Make sure they have a solid understanding of all painting techniques, from brushwork to sanding and other tasks that may be unfamiliar to them if they aren’t used to working on projects large enough. Ask them how many jobs they’ve done that are similar in size and complexity to yours.


If you’re not careful, overspray can affect your entire paint job. Overspray is a problem because it isn’t uniform and looks like scuff marks or shadows on your walls. Overspray also leaves residue on other surfaces, so make sure to cover nearby objects to protect them from getting covered in paint too.

Looking for Shortcuts

When it comes to painting, a lot of people are tempted to try and cut corners. They don’t want to pay professionals for high-quality work; they want something that can be done quickly and cheaply. This approach is understandable—who wouldn’t want their home or office painted as soon as possible while saving money? But, it can lead to some problems down the road if you aren’t careful.

Not Giving Enough Time between Coats

One of the biggest painting mistakes you can make is not giving enough time between coats. When painting a wall, it is vital to give each coat enough time to dry properly; otherwise, your efforts will go in vain, and you may have to start all over again. Do not rush to apply more paint, but don’t spend too much time either.

Using the Wrong Primer under Paint

Primer acts as a bonding agent between your wall and new paint colour. It locks paint in place and blocks moisture from causing peeling and cracking, which saves you tons of money on repairs down the road. If you don’t use primer, paint can chip off your walls or peel off during humid months. Don’t skip priming before painting! Your walls will suffer for it.

There you are; avoid these mistakes the next time you’re painting your home. However, your best bet would be hiring professional painters.

The author is one of the best painters in Lane Cove. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality, affordable painting services for both residential and commercial properties. Visit for more details.

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