Bedroom Paint Colour Combinations That You’ll Love

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A fresh coat of paint in the bedroom can make all the difference, even if it just livens up the space with a new shade or cover up an old colour you no longer like. While paint colours are often chosen based on personal preference or interior design trends, some paint colours work better than others in certain rooms, especially bedrooms. If you’re not sure which colours would look best in your bedroom, don’t worry, these colour combinations ideas suggested by painters from the top painting companies in Sydney will help create a wow factor and bring your visions into a reality!

White and Grey

For a light and airy look, consider white with grey tones. Grey is a great choice for bedrooms since it’s subtle and calming. If you want to add splashes of hues, choose accents like throw pillows or pictures. Try gold picture frames or red throws that really pop against white walls. Use grey walls to accentuate all the pops of colour in your bedroom.

Blue and Grey

You can choose from limitless colour combinations when deciding on a new hue, but if you’re not sure where to start, consider blue and grey paint colours for a bedroom. This combination adds a soothing touch that keeps your design neutral, which is ideal for those who prefer minimalist style. Blue grey paint colours will make your bedroom look larger and brighter if done correctly. When in doubt, seek advice from painters Sydney.

Pink and Purple

Go with pink and purple paint colours for a youthful and whimsical look. Paint your bedroom walls and trim in a pale shade of purple, then add accents with deep, rich shades of eggplant or berry in Bedrock. Your furniture will pop against these bold colours, so pick playful pieces that reflect your personality.

Brown and Tan

This is a classic colour scheme for bedrooms. The warm tones of brown and tan are deeply relaxing, making them perfect for bedrooms. Consider using rich tones of chocolate brown and reddish-brown with cream accents for a calm, luxurious feel. As an alternative to paint, consider using rustic elements like wooden furniture or heart pine floors to add a touch of country charm.

Black And White

This neutral colour palette is incredibly chic, especially in small spaces. In a bedroom, black and white has an airy feel that pairs well with lots of other colours, if you want to experiment. However, it can make sense to stick with one neutral shade and use pops of colourful accents instead like blue pillows on a white couch or orange throw blankets on a charcoal-grey sectional.

Bold Colours

They’re not for every home. But bold colours in a bedroom have become an interior design trend that has many homeowners rethinking their paint colour scheme. If you’re ready to break out of your normal neutrals routine and experiment with colour, all you need is your favourite hue and a plan to pull it off.

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